Not sure which size you need? 
Please see below for a quick guide to help you choose. Please ask if you have any queries or need your items custom-made. I'll be happy to help.
Harems & Leggings
All measurements are for the length of the item. Both harems and leggings are the same length for each size.

Size Waist Length (Waist to Hem)
Newborn 33cm 26cm
0-3 months 36.5cm 30cm
3-6 months 39.5cm 35cm
6-9 months 40.5cm 38.5cm
9-12 months 42cm 42cm
12-18 months 44cm 45cm
18-24 months 45.5cm 50cm
2-3 years 47cm 53cm
3-4 years 48cm 57cm
4-5 years 49.5cm 62cm
5-6 years 51cm 67cm

Dungarees (Full Length)
All measurements are for the length of the item:

Newborn 44cm
0-3 months 51.5cm
3-6 months 57cm
6-9 months 62cm
9-12 months 67cm
12-18 months 72.5cm
18-24 months 78.5cm
2-3 years 84.5cm
3-4 years 91cm


All measurements are for the size of the jumper. 

Size Shoulder to Waist Across Waist
0-3 months 29cm 25cm
3-6 months 32cm 26cm
6-9 months 34cm 27cm
9-12 months 36cm 28.5cm
12-18 months 38.5cm 29.5cm
18-24 months 40.5cm 30.5cm
2-3 years 43cm 31.5cm
3-4 years 45cm 32.5cm
4-5 years 47.5cm 33.5cm
5-6 years 50cm 34.5cm


Bobble Hats
All measurements are for the item. Please bear in mind that the hats are stretchy so will stretch much bigger. This is just a guide.

Size Width across bottom (across one face)
Preemie 13.5cm
0-6 months 18.5cm
6-12 months 20cm
1-2 years 20.5cm
2-4 years 21cm
4-6 years 22.5cm


All measurements are for the item.

Size Width (across one face)
6-12 months 19cm
1-4 years 22cm
4-6 years 23.5cm